Stunt Resume - Trent Mayo Stunt Resume - Trent Mayo SAG ATL - (404) 425-2184 989 KB

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Stunt Resume - Trent Mayo Stunt Resume - Trent Mayo SAG ATL - (404) 425-2184 989 KB

The Righteous Gemstones                                                                  John Copeman                                                        Stunt Acting
Welcome to Flatch                                                                                 Dino Muccio                                                          Stunt Acting
Heart of Life                                                                          John Copeman / Jennifer Badger                                    ND Stunt Driver
The Resident                                                                 Bob Fisher / John Copeman / Dino Muccio                Precision Driver Coordinator
American Soul                                                                            Mike Long / Shelby Swatek                              Precision Driver Coordinator
Blind Date                                                                              First Alternative Productions, LLC                        Precision Driver Coordinator
The First Lady                                                                                       Jennifer Badger                                                   Precision Driver
MacGyver                                                                  Daniel Hargrave / Justin Sundquist / Jeff Wolfe                        Precision Driver
Watchmen                                                                                              Justin Riemer                                                     Precision Driver
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World                                                    Jennifer Badger                                                   Precision Driver

The Out-Laws                                                                       Chris O’Hara / Freddy Bouciegues                  ND Stunts, Double – Richard Kind
Jerry and Marge Go Large                                                    Keith Adams / Jennifer Badger                           Stunt Double – Rainn Wilson
Triple 9                                                                                               Mickey Giacomazzi                                                    Stunt Driver
Simran                                                                                                  Christian Brunetti                                                     Stunt Driver
Till                                                                                                           Lex D. Geddings                                                   Precision Driver
Suicide Squad                                                                                            Bill Young                                                         Precision Driver
Bad Boys for Life                                                                                       Bill Young                                                         Precision Driver
Sextuplets                                                                                                  Steve Ritzi                                                        Precision Driver
Stuber                                                                                         Steve Ritzi / Lex D. Geddings                                        Precision Driver
What Men Want                                                                                  Jennifer Badger                                                   Precision Driver
Boss Level                                                                                                  Bill Young                                                         Precision Driver
Instant Family                                                                        John Copeman / Jennifer Badger                                    Precision Driver
Shaft                                                                                                            Steve Ritzi                                                        Precision Driver
Uncle Drew                                                                                                Steve Ritzi                                                        Precision Driver
Blockers                                                                                                Lex D. Geddings                                                   Precision Driver
Baby Driver                                                                                                Bill Young                                                         Precision Driver
Solace                                                                                                     Scotty Richards                                                    Precision Driver
Need For Speed                                                                                     Lance Gilbert                                                      Precision Driver
Prisoners                                                                                                    Steve Ritzi                                                        Precision Driver

2018 CarMax “7 Day Guarantee – Parallel Parking”               Society, Inc. / McKinny                                                Stunt Driver
2018 Buick March Madness: Turner Sports                Synergy Films / Turner Sports / Buick                                    Stunt Driver
2017 Buick March Madness: Turner Sports                Synergy Films / Turner Sports / Buick                                    Stunt Driver

Print / Web
2018 Ford EcoSport                                                            Scout, LLC / Ford Motor Company                                      Stunt Driver

Training / Experience
Bobby Ore Motorsports – Stunt Driving School Graduate – Jan 2019
Nick Conti’s Professional Actor’s Studio – Jeff Cole | Greenlight Acting Studios – Christian Stokes
Racecar Driver – 12 Years Short Track Racing Experience – Stock Cars (ARCA Racing Series), Late Models, Dirt, Legends Cars

Stunt Driving – 180's, Reverse 180's, Box 90's, Slide to Mark, Drifts, Driving Near Russian Arm, Choreography, Trailer Towing  |  Boats – Proficient in General Operation  |  Motorcycle – General / Basic Riding  |  Good with Acting / Dialogue  |  SCUBA Open Water Certified  |  Weapons – Firearms Trained  |  Ratchet / Handpull – Basic Wire Work  |  Proficient Mountain Bike / Cycling | Professional Musician – Singer, Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Trumpet, Drums, Piano | Mechanically Inclined |